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Huge discounts on Granite and Quartz Off-cuts!


There's usually very few things to get excited about during the winter, but from the months of January to March we're going to give you a reason to be excited.  At Stone Quest we're offering huge price discounts on all our Granite, Quartz, and Marble Off-cuts. We're wiping out all our off-cuts at 20-30% off which can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings for our customers.


Product details

Granite and quartz off-cuts are remnant pieces of granite and quartz that can range in sizes from small pieces to much larger pieces that can be used in all sorts of applications. We have over 500 remnants to choose from ranging in a variety of colours perfect for complementing or completing such things as bathroom vanities, fireplaces, bar countertops, tables, islands, coffee tables etc...
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